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“集开发生产于一体”“配合生长,共创双赢”“引进外洋先进生产设备和技术”……这些常用先容的英文怎么说?1、公司英文先容用语企业名称、建设年份、所属行业、产物系列、子母公司、地段/交通常见中文写法集开发生产于一体专业生产各种XX产物便利的水陆空交通/离XX机场(口岸)很近谋划XX产物已有多年历史相关英文写法Integrates development and manufacturing in-houseSpecializes in manufacturing all types of XX and related productsConvenient water, land and air transportation / close to XX Airport (Port)We have many years of experience in supplying XX例文Zhejiang ABC Wood Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of wood flooring, integrating development and production together. Our parent company is China ABC Wood Industrial Group. Our main products include real wood flooring, wood composite flooring, laminated wood flooring and related products. Our company was established in 2000, and we have many years of history in the wood flooring industry. Located near Shanghai, we enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation.员工状况、公司部门、生产履历、治理制度、机械设备、生产能力、销售额常见中文写法引进外洋先进生产设备和技术技术气力拥有一大批优秀的技术人员和治理人员年生产能力相关英文写法Introduced advanced technology, imported advanced equipmentFeatures high technical capabilitiesEmploys experienced technical and management personnelOur annual production capabilityWe have many years of experience in supplying XX例文Our company employs more than 480 workers; through the efforts of our entire staff, we have become a b wood flooring manufacturer. ABC people have continuously tried to improve product quality, introducing German 4-sided planer technology and Taiwanese Shengyuan Shuangrui drill presses. Moreover, we use top-of-the-line German ultra wear-resistant paint, giving our company good technical capabilities. Our annual production capability is 10 million square meters of flooring.产物优势、技术、出口比例、出口市场、知名客户、证书常见中文写法绿色(环保)产物远销英国、美国、等西方国家我公司通过ISO9001证书相关英文写法Environmentally-friendlyOur products are exported to England, America and other Western countriesWe have attained ISO9001 certification例文Currently, ABC flooring is already exported to America, France, Australia, Italy and 20 other countries and regions. Our company has always focused on research, development and innovation, and has recently developed new ultra wear-resistant wood flooring. In 2006, we attained ISO14001 environmentally management certification.广告语、接待词、宗旨口号、配合互助常见中文写法我公司向客户答应:价钱合理,生产周期短,服务周到配合生长,共创双赢期望与……互助接待与我们联系相关英文写法Our company promises: reasonable prices, short production time and satisfactory after-sales serviceMutual development, mutual benefitsWe hope to cooperate with…Buyers are welcome to contact us例文ABC will initiate the second phase of our development strategy. Our company regards “reasonable prices, efficient production time and good after-sales service” as our tenet. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits. We welcome potential buyers to contact us.2、产物英文先容用语产物质量方面的英语术语品质优良 excellent quality(high quality)质量上乘 superior quality质量稳定 stable quality质量可靠 reliable quality品种繁多 wide varieties规格齐全 complete in specifications保质保量 quality and quantity assured性能可靠 dependable performance操作轻便 easy and simple to handle使用利便 easy to use耐久耐用 durable in use以质优而闻名 well-known for its fine quality数量之首 the king of quantity质量最佳 the queen of quality信誉可靠 reliable reputation闻名世界 world-wide renown久负盛名 to have a long standing reputation誉满中外 to enjoy high reputation at home and abroad历史悠久 to have a long history脱销全球 selling well all over the world深受接待 to win warm praise from customers产物工艺方面的英语术语制作精巧 skillful manufacture工艺良好 sophisticated technology最新工艺 latest technology加工精致 finely processed设计精巧 deft design造型新颖 modern design造型优美 beautiful design设计合理 professional design造型华丽华贵 luxuriant in design结构合理 rational construction名目新颖 attractive design名目齐全 various styles式样优雅 elegant shape花色入时 fashionable patterns任君选择 for your selection产物色泽方面的英语术语五彩缤纷 colorful色彩艳丽 beautiful in colors色泽光润 color brilliancy色泽素雅 delicate colors美丽多彩 pretty and colorful皎洁透明 pure white and translucence皎洁纯正 pure whiteness更多外贸干货 请关注“ 腾道外贸大数据 ”腾道外贸大数据 精准挖掘目的采购商


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